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Autoclave Little Sister SES 2000 Touch Panel with Printer, is an N type non-vacuum autoclave, which provides a cost effective solution to meet the NHS HTM2010 testing guidelines and requirements. Little Sister SES 2010 features a microprocessor controlled preventing operator error and hygienic touch panel controls, which activate a choice of cycles. You can also select the appropriate temperature option for the load type with one touch, simple to use, anyone can work it. Supplied with a printer as standard, which enables you to keep a permanent record of each cycle for reassurance for both you and the patient. The 134°C without drying cycle takes only 12 minutes, while three other cycles are available – 134°C with drying and 121°C with and without drying. These times also include condensing.
Capacity, 11 litre chamber, which has a 20cm diameter and is 35cm long capable of sterilising six examination size trays or HFiT 10 cassettes (18cm x 14cm). Can also accommodate two standard trays or HFiT 20 cassettes (28cm x 18cm) and two examination size trays or HFiT 10 cassettes (18cm x 14cm)