We can supply various kinds of Railway Wagon BogieĀ of standard gauge, narrow gaugeĀ and broad gauge for railway rolling stocks as per customer’s technical requirement.

The bogies are equipped with rubber spring of primary suspension and air spring without bolster of secondary suspension. The bogie frame is H-shaped, box-type low alloy steel plate and seamless pipe welded structure, An AC traction motor drives each axle of motor bogie; rail cleaner and ATP antenna bracket are installed on the former bogie of Mc car.

The design of Railway Wagon Bogie has the best operational performance, the lowest vibration noise and the lowest maintenance.


The main characters:

  • Few parts and components of bogie
  • Riding comfortable and have good operational performance
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Bogies with the same functions for any same type of cars, All the bogie frames with the same functions, The wheel-set with the same function can be interchangeable.