Tradevision Ltd. is one of the largest “Sophisticated Medical Technology” that providers in the country having strong expertise in service/repair, technical, clinical & application support for modern technologies in the health sector and achieved ISO 9001-2015 certification.

We are the pioneer in modernization:

• Burn Units in tertiary medical centres like DMCH
• We take the pride of introducing radiation oncology therapy using LINAC in the country.
• Turnkey solution of CCU/ICU/NICU/PICU/HDU
• Surgical, Orthopedic and Neuro-Navigation.
• Complete OT Set up and Post-Operative Solution.
• Medical Gas Pipe Line System.
• Hospital Management Software including PACS and RIS
• Pioneer of medical service apps-myTVL
• Strong Expertise in supplying, installation, servicing and after sale support.
• We are a complete solution for your hospital.

In addition, the Business Development team is working on Nuclear Power, Digitization on Railway Communication System and Paperless Management Systems. Our service range consists of more than 1000 consumer locations around the country and is rapidly increasing. Tradevision Ltd. is a private limited company duly registered under the company act in Bangladesh.

In 1991, it switched over to Medical Equipment Supply & Installation. Since then it remains its Principal Business. TVL entered into the field of Industrial Power Generation – supply & installation in 1994.

At the moment the firm is manned by 128 employees with a highlyqualified service team, which includes 27 (Twenty Seven) graduate engineers and around 12 (twelve) skilled technicians. The rest of the employees constantly monitor sales, admin, accounts, etc.

In Medical Field we served almost all the tertiary level referral Medical College hospitals, District hospitals, secondary level 250 bed Project hospitals, most of the clinics, diagnostic centres throughout the country.