Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

We believe that it is our obligation to work for the underprivileged people of our society and as a step to do our part, we try to help these people by sending financial aids to organizations such as Ain o Salish Kendra and EHRD cancer support centre. Ain o Salish kendra, with a goal to build a society on the basis of equality and justice, is a national human rights organization working with the disempowered group of people particularly women, children and workers. This organization helps us by being a medium through which we try to help the underprivileged children financially to pursue their education.

On the other hand, EHRD is a non- profitable and non governmental institution whose main aims include human resource development and educating and building awareness among people about the interdependency between the natural environment and human lives. Moreover, this organization also educates people about different diseases and helps the helpless poor people including patients such as cancer patients. By providing financial aid to this organization, we focus on helping the poor cancer patients and try to make their lives a little better.