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The powerful performance laser


The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S combines highest speed with extremely high precision. It is the superior model of the SCHWIND AMARIS product family

  • Repetition rate: 750 Hz
  • Intelligent Thermal Effect Control
  • 54 mm beam size, Super-Gaussian profile (FWHM)
  • Beam delivery – flying spot with Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment
  • Eye tracking: 1050 Hz sampling rate
  • Pupil and limbus tracking: Pupil Centroid Shift Compensation, Automatic Pupil Size Control
  • 6 th dimension
  • Particle aspiration system with unique airflow design
  • ORK-CAM module: Refractive treatment
  • PresbyMAX module: Presbyopia treatment (per procedure fee)
  • PALK-CAM module: Therapeutic treatment (per procedure fee)
  • PTK-CAM module: Therapeutic treatment
  • 90° swivelling laser arm
  • Up to 90° swivelling patient bed (optional motor drive)
  • Panel PC – touch screen monitor, pivotable on 2 axes,additional dot-matrix display, washable keyboard with integrated touchpad
  • Working distance of 235 mm