Manufacturer: patientmonlogo

Country origin:  China

Patient monitoring features well-suited for the mid to high acuity patient care environments. Incorporating the features that make monitoring easier – a 12.1″ touch screen display with optimal display visibility, quick-access menus, easy touch function keys, and multiple trend capabilities – the DPM 6 was made with the clinical user in mind. For use in the critical care environment, the DPM 6 offers a wide range of parameters and features well suited for these acuity levels such as multi-lead arrhythmia and ST analysis, cardiac output (CO), continuous cardiac output (CCO/SVO2) and up to 8 invasive blood pressures. For the OR, the DPM 6 offers an optional multi-gas module, BIS technology, and MAC measurements for a complete anesthesia monitor package. Delivering enhanced capability, modular scalability, at an extraordinary value – the DPM 6 fits your diverse monitoring needs.