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Manufacture:-Fresenius Medical Care

Origin:-Made in Germany

1x5L in carton box (LQ)
For Heat Disinfection of Haemodialysis Machines
with Recirculation


Citrosteril – for thermochemical
disinfection in haemodialysis machines,
e.g. haemodialysis system 4008 or
therapy system 5008.

• pH value 1.7 to 2.0
• dissolution of blood residues
• excellent removal of CaCO3
• disinfection and decalcification in one process
• active ingredients composed of natural substances
• biodegradable
• odorless
• free from coloring additives

The synergistic effect of its components makes
Citrosteril a potent disinfectant solution.
Citrosteril at 84°C has a broad spectrum of microbiocidal
activity and works bactericidal, virus inactivating
(HBV, HCV, HIV) and fungicidal.