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Digital X-ray




Apollo DRF goes beyond the separation between radiography and fluoroscopy. The innovative Dynamic Flat Panel Detector operates as a full digital modality for both high resolution radiography and high frame rate fluoroscopy. Using the same room for a wider scope of applications means higher room utilization, better space allocation and lower cost of maintenance and personnel training. Images are displayed instantly on the integrated console and all delays due to cassettes or CR plates handling are eliminated. The fully digital image processing and the high dynamic range compensate for exposure variances and allows extensive possibilities to optimize the exposure and processing parameters according to your preferences.


Key Features:

Available either film or digital

  • User friendly operator’s interface and main digital display, showing system’s parameters as well as the Average Glandular Dose (AGD)
  • Frontal auxiliary display showing at a glance applied compression force, arm rotation angle and thickness of compression
  • Motorized compressor allowing a fine adjustment of the compression force
  • Motorized rotation +/-180° available
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) operating with either “Zero Point Mode” or “One Point Mode”
  • Wide choice of compression paddles and accessories
  • Availability of a version compatible with the stereotactic biopsy system BYM 3D, for high precision 3-dimensional lesion localization

Availability of a version integrating a dual-size cassette holder accepting both 24x30cm and 18x24cm cassettes