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Hospital Bed


Manufacture:-PARAMOUNT BED


Electric Bed with Digital Scale

– Comfortable Back Raise System
– Safety Side-rails
– Useful Control panels and handheld controller

Digital Scale

<Monitoring Mode>
The patient’s weight can be measured in this mode.
An alarm will sound when the weight measured exceeds the programed weight.
<Pause Function>
Weighing will be paused when this function activated.
<Weight Record Function>
sets of data can be recorded for each monitoring mode session.

Standard Features

– Back raise
– Knee raise
– Hi-lo adjustment
– 395 mm low height
– Trendelenburg
– Reverse Trendelenburg
– Back extension system
– Auto-contour
– Fixable patient controller
– Integrated dual-sided nurse control panel
– Electric CPR function
– One button cardiac chair
– Battery indicator
– Low height indicator
– Lock function for the patient controller
– Start button for preventing unintentional use
– Manual CPR lever at head of bed
– PE plastic split side rail
– PE plastic H/F board with stopper
– Ergonomic grips on side rails
– Shock absorbers for the side rails
– 496-mm effective side rail height (from the base of the mattress to the top of the side rail)
– Zero sliding gap
– Dual angle indicators
– 30 degree angle indicator
– 150-mm single wheel caster
– Anti-static caster
– Complete locking system with extra brake pedal
– Leg angle adjustment
– Roller bumper
– Pressed steel mattress base
– Accessory rails (In 4 locations)
– Battery
– Extendable frame


– X-ray translucent back rest with cassette holder

Additional Accessories

– Foot spacer with storage
– Extension mattress
– Lifting pole
– Oxygen cylinder holder
– Traction frame set
– Assist bar
– Monitor table
– IV pole