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Linear Accelerator





Cancer is about change. At a microscopic level, cells change and grow out of control. As a result, tumors develop and lives change. The standard of care can change too, as physicians adopt new treatments and new ways of doing things. Change was also the inspiration for TrueBeam™ and TrueBeam™ STx, two new, state-of-the-art radiotherapy and radiosurgery systems optimized to destroy cancer. Each has been built with intelligent engineering, innovative features and intuitive operation. Each is based upon years of research, and each provides a game-changing capability that allows clinicians to tailor patient’s treatments for their particular type of cancer.

How did these new machines come about?

Varian Medical Systems is a world leader in developing and supplying radiotherapy and radiosurgery equipment and software for the treatment of cancer. Over 100,000 patients are treated daily on Varian systems, and we have years of clinical data and experience. The TrueBeam system is the result of that experience, the result of listening to clinicians and researchers. The result of looking at what has been done in the past and making it work better for the future.

With TrueBeam, we have seamlessly integrated imaging, beam delivery and motion management to produce a system that delivers unmatched synchronization. The result is a revolutionary and elegant solution with improved operation, precision and speed. Listening to clinicians, administrators and patients, we’ve designed TrueBeam to be powerful and easy to use, yet comfortable for patients. Its intuitive design and simple operation were the result of many hours spent looking at clinic workflow.