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Medical Grade Display


Manufacture:-Global Product


Full line of color, grayscale and multi-modality diagnostic displays, display controllers and softcopy QA tools facilitate confident diagnoses while guaranteeing perfect image quality over time and across displays.


Display systems for digital breast imaging offer unrivaled image precision and ultimate diagnostic confidence. With dedicated display systems for traditional digital mammography, multi-modality breast imaging as well as breast tomosynthesis, Barco sets a new standard of care for women's health.


Despite the abundant choice of medical displays on the market today, there are certain projects for which only custom-built solutions with specific features will deliver the performance you need. For these projects, you can rely on Custom Solution Center for modality imaging. We build medical displays and user interface devices (touchscreen monitors and smart displays) with superior quality that are delivered on time, on spec, and budget. The result is a fast time to market and the best return on your investment.