Our Product

Medical Waste Management

Model:-Sterilwave 440



Its innovative concept uses a suspended vessel and rotating grinder blades to grind down all types of waste. Biohazardous waste is sterilised using microwaves and converted into inert municipal waste, reducing its volume by more than 80% and its weight by 25%. Its environmental impact and operating costs are reduced while ensuring the safety of the operator. As it uses microwave technology, the Sterilwave does not need a steam generator, so there is no risk from excess pressure and no liquid effluent is produced. Its easy installation requires only 20m² of space for safe treatment of large quantities of biomedical waste.



  • Effective

Bacterial inactivation higher than international regulatory standards (up to 8log10).

  • Easy to use

Ready-to-use system which requires no specific technical qualifications

  • Environmentally-friendly

No environmental impact – On-site treatment – No transportation – No liquid effluent.

  • Safe

Microwave technology – No pressurisation unlike in an autoclave.

  • Economical

Robust equipment – No more storage, easy to maintain