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Hospital Management System _HIS/LIS, RIS, PACS


AMERHOSPITAL HIS is a progressive complete Health Information & Management System.

Which integrates all the…

  1. HIS systems, processes and machines to an intelligent information system to derive operational efficiency and assist organizations in decision-making through MIS & analytics, enabling hospitals and doctors to serve patients better.
  2. The main aim of AMERHOSPITAL HIS is to create a hospital that is paperless.
  3. It is also aimed at developing and maintaining the day-to-day activities like an admission of IP & OP, discharge of patients, list of doctors, pharmacy, reports generation, HR & Payroll etc.
  4. The system provides excellent security of data at every level and also reliable storage and backup facilities.

AMERHOSPITAL PACS technology uses networked hardware and software to store, retrieve, present and distribute digital diagnostic images, such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance images.


TVL_Educational Management System

Our Educational Management Software is a web-based solution to manage students, teachers, parents, courses and all the system and process related to running your institute efficiently. Like student management, parent management, teacher management, time table management, time table management, exam management, attendance management, fees and result management etc.


TVL_Customizable ERP

A web-based ERP is the most important software to work out to automate the whole system. Those are normally used for day to activity. Customized web-based ERP will help you to maintain & improve inventory control, easier in-store operations and customer service, improved sales, maintain & supply as well as the commercial activities and so on. Based on this customized web base ERP has seceded to develop an automated system which will maintain the records and generate daily, weekly or any periodical reports that are normally used for day to day activity.


TVL_Mobile Apps Development

Tradevision Ltd. provides Mobile Application development service. The number of Smartphone user in Bangladesh is growing day by day. In January 2018 the number of mobile users becomes 147 Million. Due to the high availability of Mobile Data people are using Smart Phones. People become used to with various Mobile Apps.