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Neuro Navigation




This powerful surgical planning platform empowers both doctors and medical centers to more effectively use the massive amount of diagnostic information available to them. iPlan® software provides the right tools for more accurate planning, leading to more efficient and precise surgery. iPlan Net takes planning further by adding mobility to the iPlan platform. Remote access allows surgeons to review and refine plans outside the OR. Diagnostic data can be reviewed from home and 3D renderings used to explain a surgical approach at a patient’s bedside or to peers at a conference.

  • Remote surgical planning from computers within the network
  • Scalable solution with user-specific licenses, so users can login from multiple locations
  • Intelligent planning features like Automatic Image Fusion provide both speed and accuracy


This software suite provides everything surgeons need to generate treatment plans for navigated procedures. A completely unique range of tools makes iPlan Cranial the most powerful planning solution available.

  • Automatic fusion of CT and MRI data for more accurate imaging of critical areas
  • Smart Brush® makes outlining critical structures and target volumes easier and faster for improved intra-operative visibility
  • iPlan Automatic Segmentation with volumetric anatomical atlas for increased speed and consistency in structure definition


BrainLAB takes diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data to new levels with full integration into iPlan® surgical planning software. This unique combination allows surgeons to make the best use of DTI, converting fiber tracts to 3D structures for use with surgical navigation.

  • DICOM DTI data overlay to anatomical or functional images
  • Fractional anisotropy (FA) map and diffusion information with automatic detection of diffusion directions
  • Intuitive options for visualizing fiber tracts and regions of interest allow for approach adjustment and improved resection possibilities


iPlan BOLD MRI Mapping moves neurosurgical planning to a new level with the integration of BOLD MRI (Blood Oxygen Level Dependent functional MRI) data directly into the iPlan family of software solutions.

  • Automated import of DICOM BOLD MRI data
  • Automatic detection of functional activations
  • Interactive selection and display of functional areas and regions of interest
  • Flexible definition of different functional paradigms


iPlan Stereotaxy is a powerful tool for planning functional procedures, including deep brain stimulation. Stereotactic plans for both frame-based and frameless procedures can be completed ahead of time and easily fused with a localized CT dataset on the day of surgery. Selective Automatic Image Fusion and an integrated Schaltenbrand-Wahren Atlas with unique interactive scaling abilities enable a higher level of precision.


iPlan Flow facilitates the growth of new cures through new methods of drug delivery to the brain. This innovative iPlan module is an unprecedented toolset for catheter planning and placement in intracranial interstitial fluid delivery. Valid trajectories can be planned with the help of easy-to-use guidelines and physiology maps generated from DTI.


Integrated tools for optimized setup and workflows

  • VarioGuide™ for navigated frameless biopsies, shunt placements and endoscopic examinations, with software wizard guidance
  • Pre-calibrated disposable biopsy needle
  • Universal instrument calibration and automatic software activation


Quick, reliable and accurate, z-touch® and Softouch® are the leading solutions for markerless patient registration.

  • z-touch touchless registration for unmatched speed and accuracy
  • Softouch senses the skin upon contact without added pressure or movement, avoiding the risk of skin shift
  • Neurosurgeons can collect points on areas covered by OR drapes, above the hairline and on patients lying in prone positions


BrainLAB navigation offers the fast workflow and intuitive user interface that have made it the favorite among surgeons.

  • Two platform independent versions enable customized solutions
  • Advanced features such as Image Composer and Real-Time 3D volume rendering available for unlimited software


Smart autofocus and robotic tool tracking allow the microscope to automatically adapt to a calibrated instrument or target.

  • Integration of all major surgical microscope providers
  • Diagnostic scan data mirrors the orientation, scaling and depth of the microscope image for clear guidance
  • Injection of software menus, 3D planning contours and trajectories, live video and diagnostic images into the ocular lens
  • Control of navigation from the microscope handles


IGSonic® fuses intra-operative ultrasound information directly into the navigation system and is easily adjusted via touchscreen control. The capabilities and low complexity of IGSonic results in better resection control and more confidence in the OR.

  • Smart image adjustment features
  • Real-time ultrasound updates superimposed on original images
  • Color overlay of Doppler Sonography on CT and MR navigation images for clear vascular imaging
  • Display of tracked instruments on stored ultrasound images