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The SPECTRO2™ 20 Pulse Oximeter is an easy-to-use spot-check device that displays %SpO2, pulse rate, signal strength, and Pulse amplitude Index (PI). Utilizing patented BCI® Serial Autocorrelation technology, this device responds to challenging environments – including those with the presence of low perfusion or motion. The SPECTRO2™l 20 Pulse Oximeter aids health care providers in responding to a wide range of patient needs, including higher acuity care and ambulatory situations. Features: Patented Serial Autocorrelation technology Large, bright, easy-to-read LED Unique on-board cradle to store and protect finger sensor Multiple power options Compatible with Docking Station, Attachable Printer, and BCI® spot-check sensor Pulse amplitude Index (PI) Low battery indicator Nellcor® sensor compatibility Benefits: Three-year warranty Reliable performance during motion such as intra- and inter-hospital transport Reliable performance under conditions of low perfusion Comfortable ergonomic design allows easy one-handed operation Optional printer eliminates possible documentation errors Stores patient data for transfer to PC for improved efficiency and documentation WW1020EN