Manufactarar: substationlogo

Cuntry of origin:  Bangladesh

Techsol places the greatest value on reliability. Its customers can trust TECHSOL’s high quality transformer, because the company strives for perfection in every phase of manufacturing in accordance with the IEC Standard.

Low loss and high efficiency by using cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) silicon steel with high permeability. Transformer tank is filled with oil improving the complete penetration of insulating liquid. The high coil to coil and low coil to ground capacitance ratio provides distribution of surge voltage over the entire coil. Oil preservation systems depending upon transformer rating to prevent the deterioration of transformer insulating. Paraffin based mineral oil is used for best cooling effect. Dual thermometer with or without contracts and Buchholz relay are used as per customer request. Transformer is compact designed and user friendly. Arching horns are fixed at proper distance.